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Free TomTom Voices

TomTom users love ability to customize TomTom voices

Our Talking POI files for TomTom, Garmin and other GPS brands are located in our POI download zone.
They are marked with this mark: . They are available only to our fans.

        Free-for-all TomTom OGG Voice files for TomTom POI files:
          Traffic camera ahead download
          Speed camera ahead download
          Redlight camera ahead download
          School zone ahead download

         Here is the link to download free celebrity TomTom voices.
         Here is the link with instructions "how to install TomTom voices": How to copy and paste voice files.
         Do you want to download celebrity voices for TomTom?
Our list has 53+ entirely free English and non-English (Dutch, Deutsch, French, etc.) voices for TomTom.
         Here is a complete list of celebrity voices and international TomTom voices.

Top TomTom voice: Silent Voice - More
         The latest addition to the list:
           TomTom Radio Voice - English (Download)
           Hindi Urdu Deccani - Urdu Voice for TomTom (Hyderabadi / Bombay / Punjabi Mix) (Download)
           Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers - English Voice for TomTom (Download)

         How to edit or make your own TomTom voices:
            1. Download voice template and save it to some new HDD folder (e.g. C:\my_tomtom_voice).
               You need to save these 3 voice related files: VIF, CHK and BMP file.
            2. Download VIFTOOL
            3. Install downloaded Vif Tool to the folder with the voice template.
            4. Goto Start > Run > CMD
            5. In command window type "CD c:\viftool\"
            6. In command window type "viftool.exe split dataXX.chk" to extract all OGG voice files from tomtom CHK file.
            7. Download and install OGGEditor
            8. Open OGG files (one by one) with OGG Editor and replace the voice with your voice. Save your edits on exit.
            9. Edit at least few OGG files (one by one) before you proceed to compile the files.
               You can always return there to edit or improve your OGG voice file.
            10. Download and install VifTool2.
            11. Start VifTool2, enter file location and compress all OGG files to your own tomtom voice file.
            12. Enjoy listening your own TomTom voice.
            Example: voice for TomTom created following the above procedure: TomTom Amateur Radio Voice Reviews

Do you need GPS POI files, TomTom Speed Cameras or POI Conversion Tools?

Thanks for using our POI tools and data.

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