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TomTom POI updates and upgrades

POI Edit tools:
- Simple and powerful POI editor. Visualize and update your existing POI's or simply make a new custom POI file for the most popular GPS brands
- Online POI editor with world maps at street level and satellite images
- POI editor for GPS experts. Edit GPX and LMX files online
- Visualize TomTom POI files with Gogle Earth application.
Use Garmin POI Manager to add, edit and convert LMX, KMZ, KML, CSV, GPX and other POI conversion.
- Show POI locations on the map. GPS coordinate finder (easy to use)
- See your TomTom POI files on the map...
- See your Navman and Garmin POI data on the map...
- Easy to use geocoder and GPS visualizer. Find the coordinates and to create GPS POI files in any popular GPS format
- Include your business location to the POI list for the most popular personal and automotive GPS navigation devices

TomTom upgrades:
- Replace TomTom's default car symbol or find how easy is to make your own car symbols.
- Easy to use splash screen generator. Customize TomTom "splash screen" with any image that you like (family photo, car, loved one...)
- Create shutdown screens. Customize TomTom "shutdown screen".
- Change default TomTom's color scheme
- Free celebrity voices for TomTom can be easily purchased or downloaded here for free. (Note: We do not sell free tomtom voices)
- Online tool for removal of TomTom security hole reported by TomTom

POI converter - POI file conversion:
- Export TomTom POI files (ov2) to generic CSV file format for use on Garmin, Navman or any other GPS device.
- Use Navman or Garmin POIs in CSV file format on your TomTom GPS.
- Export Google Earth KMZ and KML for Garmin users.
- Export Google Earth KMZ and KML for TomTom users.
- TomTom POI file limit issue solved: combine multiple TomTom OV2 files in one larger GPS POI file.
- EASY - Use any POI file source to download POI file in required file format.
- This dynamic QR code link generator creates QR codes. QR codes (Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional dynamic bar code links to your web sites or product pages.
- Offer your visitors options to download multiple POI file formats while you update just a single OV2 or CSV source file.
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TomTom POI updates:
Add your business location

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