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TomTom splash screen generator (online).

Splash Screen Generator

Create tomtom splash screens from any image (family photo, car photo etc.)
No need to download or install any software.

Updates and upgrades for TomTom GPS
Select your image file
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Make TomTom splash screen for:

TomTom shutdown screen generator (easy)
Garmin splash screen generator

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How to...?
Enter the location of any photo or image on your PC or Mac.
This tool will generate splash screen file that you just need to copy to your TomTom.
1. Save generated file as splash.bmp to your computer.
2. Copy your new file to your TomTom device and overwrite the original splash.bmp file.
3. It is very important to confirm that the new file is named splash.bmp and that the new splash screen file is the same size as the original image.

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